Monday, June 24, 2013


Motorsickle & Art Show
The basis for UNION Motorsickle & Art Show is quite simple. Many of you already understand how easy it is to be truly consumed by the love affair of traditional choppers and its entailed culture. Trying to explain it with words is unnecessary. Instead, we encourage everyone to ride to the free event and enjoy the showcase that will feature works by artists and builders:
Greg Giannukos / Brian Buscemi / Gary Griffin
Tim O'keefe / Matt Jackson / Jeff Light
Ric White / Max Grundy / Mike Tehrani
Friday 7/19, 5:30-10pm & Saturday 7/20, 10-10pm - 3605 Main Street Houston, TX 77002
Submissions are still being accepted from builders, owners, photographers and artists.               Please contact
This show is in conjunction with the 13th Annual Rock Baby Rock It Weekender which will be happening directly accross Main Street July 18-20.

un·ion - a number of persons, forces, joined or associated together for some common purpose.